Are your parts OEM Certified?

Yes - We are a Cirrus Aircraft authorized factory dealer. OEM parts are from Cirrus Aircraft.

Are your parts FAA Certified?

Our parts are FAA Certified and come with form 8130-3 when requested.  Form 8130-3 can be requested for domestic shipments. The FAA does not require form 8130-3 for consumables or hardware and will not come with form 8130-3. A manufacturer C of C (Certificate of Conformance) will be included with all parts. If form 8130-3 is requested, it will take 1-2 extra days for shipping the items.

Do you ship parts internationally?

We do ship parts internationally, but there is usually a small fee added for shipping.

Do you provide an A.O.G.(aircraft On Ground) shipping service for emergencies?

We do provide A.O.G. shipping, but we need some specific information about the plane. Make sure to call us if you need this service 1.888.778.7443.

I ordered the wrong part, can I return it?

You can return the part, but make sure to read our shipping and return policy.

Can you help me find part numbers?

Yes, simply let us know your serial number and type of aircraft then call 1.888.778.7443.

Can you ship next day air?

Yes, please call to ensure an on-time arrival. Next day and Two day shipping must be placed by 2:00 PM CST. Ground shipping must be placed by 3:00 PM CST.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and net terms (upon prior approval)

Do you charge a core charge on parts?

Yes, core charges are paid upfront and credited the moment the core is received, unless the core is sent prior to shipment.

Do you sell parts for other aircraft?

Yes, specializes in Cirrus and Cessna Aircraft parts. If your part doesn’t appear on our site please call us. Chances are we have it, or can find it, and have it shipped to you!

Is my part under warranty? What do I do if I have a part under Cirrus warranty?

Yes - We can handle parts under Cirrus warranty. For warranty parts please call 1.888.778.7443. We’ll require additional aircraft information and go from there!