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Part #: 27166-001

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AIR FILTER ELEMENT, Induction System, SR22T


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Cirrus AIR FILTER ELEMENT, Induction System, SR22T

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The 27166-001 Air Filter Element is a crucial component of the Cirrus SR22T aircraft's induction system, designed to ensure clean air is supplied to the engine. This high-quality filter element is specifically engineered to remove contaminants from the air before it enters the engine, optimizing performance and efficiency. Its construction is tailored to withstand the demanding conditions of aviation, providing reliable service and maintaining the integrity of the engine's air intake system. Regular replacement of the 27166-001 Air Filter Element is essential for maintaining the aircraft's operational efficiency and prolonging engine life. Replace at 100hr / Annual Inspections (Refer to AMM 05-20 for Induction System Filter replacement requirements)

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